About Us


Ollard Westcombe has been manufacturing quality saddlery products since 1850.

Established in Birmingham the Company has a rich heritage in webbing and saddlery, and celebrates a passion for craftsmanship.

The Company moved to its current premises in Downpatrick Co Down in 1958 and has developed into a leading manufacturer supplying retailers across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

The Cameo trademark can be relied upon by the Purchaser as a guarantee of quality longlife and attractive design – have a look at the lovely catalogue which harks back to a different era...


  • 1850 company established of 46-47 Great Charles Street, Birmingham. (1923) of Cameo Works, 21 Ludgate Hill,
    Birmingham, (1947).

  • Listed in 1914 Whitakers Red Book.

  • Listed in 1914 Who's Who in Business:
    Manufacturers of Saddlery Webs, Saddle Girths, Belts, Braces, Leather Goods, &c., 46, Great Charles Street, Birmingham. Hours of Business: 8.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Established about 1855. Weaving Mills, Attleboro', Nuneaton; London Office, 3, Albion Buildings, Bartholomew Close, E.C. Staff: 120. Agencies: Canada, South Africa, Australia, the East. Specialities: Weaving Belt, Brace and Saddlery Webs, Saddle Girths, Braces, Belts, Leather Goods, &c. Connection: Extensive Foreign and Colonial Export trade.
    Trade Mark: "Cameo." 

  • 1947 British industries Fair Advert for Cameo (Trade Mark) Webbing. Manufacturers of Webbing, Leather, Plastic, etc. Belts, Braces, Saddle Girths, Safety Harness, Luggage Straps. For all Markets throughout the World since 1850.

  • 1900s Bought by Mr C G Thomason.

  • Succeeded in 1950 by Mr J Thomason.

  • Succeeded in 1970 by Neil and Richard Thomason.

  • Joined by David Thomason in 2000 and Jane Grainger Thomason in 2012.


The Future

The Company is now run now by an extended family team and is keen to explore new products using the latest technologies working with UK suppliers to create the best equine products which are on the cutting edge. We work closely with many of our famous customers and industry experts to ensure that only the best products make it into our 3 Collections.

Regularly exhibiting at BETA and SPOGA trade exhibitions, we are at the forefront of Equestrian Design.

We aim to continue to expand the Apollo Air range and continue the development of more ethically sourced environmentally friendly products to supplement the EcoRider brand.