A name everyone in the trade is familiar with – Cameo is synonymous with well designed functional products.

A full range of saddlery, tack, training aids, stable equipment and rider wear. Cameo offers a one-stop shop which sits well with the premium brands also offered by Ollard Westcombe.



C002  Centurion Combo
C003  Centurion
C004S  Protector
C005  Cameo Stable Rug
C005C  Cameo Stable Combo
C005N  Neck Cover
C006  Cameo Cooler
C006S  Cameo Summer Sheet
C007  Cameo 3/4 Exercise Sheet
C008  Wrap Around Exercise Sheet
C009  Barbarian
C009C  Barbarian Combo
C010  Cameo Fleece
C011  Cameo Travel Boots
C011F Foam Travel Boots
C012  Fly Rug
C012B  Rubber Fly Fringe
C012C  Fly Mask
C013  Numnah
C014  Saddlecloth
C014D  Dressage Saddlecloth
C015  Foam-filled Numnah
C016  Show Numnah
C017  Cushion Girth
C017B  Web Girth
C018  Dressage Girth
C019  Waffle Girth
C019S  Waffle Stud Girth
C020A  Leather Atherstone Girth
C022  Overgirth
C022B  Short Belly Girth
C022S  Leather Stud Girth
C023A  Girth Extender
C024  Fleece-lined Headcollar
C026  Field Safe Headcollar
C028  Fleece Padded Headcollar
C029  Headcollar & Leadrope Set
C033  Foal Headcollar
C033SLIP  Foal Slip
C034  Leadrope
C036  Brass Leadrope
C038  Haynet
C038B  Large, Small-holed Haynet
C039  Crochet Fly Bonnet
C040DL  Large Dandy Brush
C040DS  Small Dandy Brush
C040E  Economy Body Brush
C040LM  Body Brush (Large/Medium)
C041  Lunge Rein 21ft
C042  Lunge Rein 24ft
C043P  Draw Rein Cushion Web
C044  Side Reins
C045  Lunging Cavesson
C045B  Nylon Crupper
C046A  Breaking Roller
C046B  Grass Reins
C046C  Daisy Reins
C046D  Elasticated Training Aid
C046E  Nylon Newmarket
C047  Mourne Jodphurs
C049  Westcombe Breeches
C049C  Synthetic Chaps
C050  Amara Half Chaps
C050L  Leather Gaiters
C052  Donard Leather Jod Boot
C054  Tollymore Front Zip Boot
C057  Kids Crop
C058  Schooling Whip
C059  Lunging Whip
C059A  General Purpose Whip
C059B  Leather Whip/handle
C059C  Field Whip
C059D  Race Whip
C060  Reversible Fur Seat Saver
C061  Racing Seat Saver
C062 Tail Guard
C063  Ride-on Saddle Cover
C064  Wither Pad
C065  Fur Girth Sleeve
C066  Economy Fur Noseband
C067C  Reversible Fur Cheekpieces
C067N  Reversible Fur Noseband
C068  Foam-filled Cheekpieces
C069  Foam-filled Noseband
C070  Lambswool Noseband
C070C  Lambswool Cheekpieces
C071  Anti-stretch Stirrup Leathers
C072  Stirrup Leathers
C074  Hunt Bridle with Rubber Reins
C075  Comfort Bridle with Rubber Reins
C076  Leather Headcollar
C076FOAL  Foal Leather Headcollar
C077  Running Martingale
C078  Elasticated Leather Breastplate
C078A  Hunt Breastplate 
C078B  5-Point Breastplate
C078C  Rubber Reins
C081  Cameo Brushing Boots
C082  Cameo Sports Supports
C083  Overreach Boots
C083S  Sheepskin Overreach Boots
C100  Rein Stops
C103  Everyday Gloves
C104  Rubber Curry Comb
C105  Metal Hoof Pick
C106  Plastic Hoof Pick
C107  Plastic Mane Comb
C108  Pulling Comb with Wooden Handle
C109  Pulling Comb
C110  Plastic Sweat Scraper
C112  Shovel
C113  Shavings Fork
C114  Rubber Yard Scraper
C115  Feed Scoop
C116  Large Feed Scoop with Scale
C117  Portable Manger
C118  Strong Bucket
C119  Plastic Bridle Hanger
C123  Dog Coat
C129SET  Travel Set