A year ago we noticed a huge gap in the equestrian market for environmentally-friendly, ethically sourced high-quality saddlery products and have worked hard to produce a new range to deliver just that.

Vegetable tanning is to process the hides in a pure and natural way without using harmful chemicals.
The process is used in order to stabilise the skins and be able to process the resulting leather. It is a traditional process that takes advantage of the tannic acids naturally found in some plants, by using barks, branches and leaves. The actual tanning process takes between one and three months. The result is a beautifully soft quality leather which might be more expensive and time consuming to produce but the principles of sustainability and the quality are core to the Eco Rider brand.

The design of the bridles has taken over a year to perfect:
the central ideas are to use a wide padded headpiece to soften any poll pressure, U shaped browbands to create space for the base of the ear and contoured cheeks to avoid pressure on the cheeks and facial nerves.

Beautiful handcrafted bridles with ergonomic designs, the softest girths, leathers and reins.
The detail and quality is outstanding and newly launched at the end of 2016, this brand has already made an impact.


ECO001  Freedom Jump Bridle
ECO003  Freedom Leather Headcollar
ECO004  Freedom Anatomic Girth
ECO005  Elegance Dressage Girth
ECO006  Freedom Comfort Bridle
ECO007  Ecolux Bridle
ECO008  Elegance Dressage Bridle
ECO009  Flexi Reins
ECO010  Leather Headcollar
ECO011  Elasticated Martingale
ECO012  Freedom Breastplate
ECO013  Anti-Stretch Stirrup Leathers
ECO014  Stirrup Leathers