Stable Belts & Webbing

Stable Belts
Ollard Westcombe is renowned for the quality of its regimental Stable Belts, a tradition which it is proud to continue to the present day. We have a fast turnaround and produce premium quality belts for all Regiments, all stitched by our machinists at our factory here in Northern Ireland. Please contact us for a quote.

The Company also works closely supplying webbing to a range of different industries:
Pet and equestrian, glazing, construction, health and fitness, automotive, safety and evacuation, the fire service and military and can cater for all types of webbing from worsted web, polyester, polypropylene elastic and velcro – we can arrange to have your webbing made to order in the unlikely event that what you are looking for is not in stock.

Special treatments can be added to the webbing including anti-bacterial, rotproof, water repellent and flame-retardant finishes

Web Assembly
Here at our factory in Co Down we are in a unique position as we make a range of “web assembly products” across a huge range of sectors:

  • Pet and equestrian

  • Glazing

  • Construction

  • Health and fitness

  • Automotive

  • Safety and evacuation

  • The fire service

  • Military

So, if you have a requirement for webbing or a part/completely made product please get in touch for a quote.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we can work with you to develop the product you need.

Due to the wide range of manufacturing processes we undertake we also stock a large array of fittings including loops and slides, buckles