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and tradition

For over 150 years Ollard Westcombe have been synonymous with skilled craftmanship and excellent customer care. We are still a family business that manufactures many of the products at our CAMEO works factory based in Northern Ireland.


O&W’s ethos is founded in integrity and trust. We prioritize fair treatment of employees, responsible sourcing, environmental stewardship, and transparent business practices. Embracing ethics fosters a positive culture, strengthens customer loyalty, and contributes to a sustainable and socially conscious world.


Sustainability is key to securing a thriving future for our planet. By responsibly managing resources, promoting renewable energy, and embracing eco-friendly practices, we can ensure a harmonious balance between human needs and the environment, preserving our world for generations to come.

Made in the UK

We still manufacture many of our products at our CAMEO works factory in Downpatrick. By choosing locally crafted products, we reduce carbon footprints, preserve traditional craftsmanship, and empower local businesses. It fosters a sense of pride, connection, and sustainability, enriching lives and communities alike.

Est. 1850

Ollard Westcombe has been manufacturing quality saddlery products since 1850. Established in Birmingham the Company has a rich heritage in webbing and saddlery, and celebrates a passion for craftsmanship.

Our History
Craftmanship of unmatched quality. You won't find another equine leatherwork manufacturer quite like it.
Jane Smith

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